Our Facilities & Services

  • Our effort is to provide the Facilities that you amuse,our motive is not just to give the comfort but also to give you the hospitality which the country follows.
  • We make every effort to give you the solitude you desire, our Room-Service is one part to make you feel it.
  • Well equiped Rooms indulged with comforts and conveniences.
  • Step into our Lobby to enjoy & relax a pleasunt environment , lobby has facilities where you can seat and enjoy being with your comoreds, family.
  • On the beautiful evening when heart desires to feel light and free from hurdles and husdels you can enjoy our small terrece garden with seating facilities.



Delicious food is the hallmark of our hospitality. In our House we provide a multi-cuision restaurant with the variety of food ,chinese, contintal, indian punjabi, the foodies can enjoy our veriety of food in both veg and non-veg.

AT our Reception counter you can use your plastic currency because we accept cradit cards.



* This Services are not free,rates for the use of such service will be applied. any services other then this are free..